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woman-with-upturned-armsLife Skills Institute & Clinic is dedicated to assisting individuals in learning “life skills” to thrive and find meaning, joy and love. The Institute and Clinic seeks to provide a warm supportive environment to learn more deeply how to live these skills and create a life that makes a “world of difference.”

If you live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, area, we welcome you to our clinic. If you live here or elsewhere, we offer appointment by phone. For an easy way to deal with common problems, visit our “Brain Entrainment” CD collection, available also as downloadable MP3 files.

NEW CLASS: “Using Your Intuition in Everyday Life” starting Wednesday, May 25th from 11-1 and Thursday, May 26th from 7-9.  These classes will run every other week for 8 weeks. We will focus on how to hear your own inner guidance with more discernment, to identify your particular intuitive gifts, and learn skills to protect your sensitivity. We will be using Dr. Green’s book as the basis of the class in a small group of like-minded fellow seekers. Contact us if you’re interested

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