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Life Skills Institute & Clinic is dedicated to assisting individuals in learning “life skills” to thrive and find meaning, joy and love. The Institute and Clinic seeks to provide a warm, supportive environment to learn more deeply how to live these skills and create a life that makes a “world of difference.”

In addition to the psychotherapy, Dr. Green leads workshops and is available for public speaking on various topics. If you are interested in having Dr. Green as a speaker for your organization or event, please contact us.

Dr. Margaret Green, Licensed Psychologist

drgreen_150Dr. Margaret Green is a psychologist, licensed in the State of Minnesota. Her practice focuses on trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Dr. Green is also a certified EMDR therapist.

Dr. Green received her Doctorate in Education at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana in 1979, majoring in Guidance and Counseling with minors in Education Psychology and Pre-counseling. She carried clients all four years during her Doctoral training (her Masters degree was in Counseling Psychology from Ball State in 1975). Her internship was at Delaware County Mental Center in Muncie, Indiana. Her dissertation was experimental design researching an aspect of neurolinguistic programming.

Dr. Green worked at Southwest State University in the student counseling office for one year and then moved to Minneapolis to work at Lutheran Social Service in the Family Counseling Center. She also worked another year at Lutheran Social Service in Willmar.

After passing the State licensure exam and meeting all the requirements for the required psychological courses, Dr. Green was supervised for two years and received the status of Licensed Consulting Psychologist in 1981, at which time she went into private practice.

From 1981 to 1984, she studied at the Psychosynthesis Institute of Minneapolis while also maintaining her private practice. She took workshops, supervision and training seminars for three years (psychosynthesis is a type of therapy that uses a combination of western personality theory and eastern philosophy).

Dr. Green also has taken several workshops at the Family Therapy Institute and has been licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Marriage and Family Therapist (although she is currently not licensed by the State as her psychology license offers her the same authorization to work with families).

Dr. Green received EMDR training in 1995 and has subsequently taken many advanced workshops in EMDR. Since training in EMDR and seeing the amazing results, she has been increasingly interested in how the brain can help in the healing process. She has been exploring brain entrainment which offers a drug free alternative to treating many issues.

Dr. Green says: There are several things that distinguish my practice. While I work with traditional medical diagnostic categories, I include them in the larger framework of an individual’s life. Whatever the issue, the resolution of that issue offers a key to unlock gifts and experiences uniquely necessary in the development of your life. The inclusion of your strengths and gifts as you work your process of resolving this is important in developing your treatment plan. The resolution of the issue comes from learning how to walk with yourself through feelings, developing new skills and changing your perceptions to see new choices. To choose to come to therapy, therefore, is the first step in changing yourself to become a more effective expression of you as a complete self. Your participation in your treatment process is very important. Procedurally that would include treatment goals, choice of treatment methods and evaluation.