The Corona virus is really challenging all of us to think differently about our lives. It has highlighted how important connection is.

As all of us confront the possibility of death, it is important to look at any issues that need resolving or even addressing. It then becomes an opportunity for transformation and being able to create an even more meaningful and aligned life.

Connection that is satisfying occurs within the Self, family and significant others as well as friends and community. It has been striking to watch the generosity and creativity individuals have been mobilizing to accomplish this both online and with neighborhood Zumba classes or making and delivering meals and face masks, singing and birthday car trains.

This crises is calling all of us to reach within ourselves and to create our needs and support others in getting their needs met. It call us to let go of false pride and realize it’s okay to be vulnerable and have needs and ask for help. That being able to ask for help is a sign of strength.  Please feel free to call and set up an appointment to get support. The office number is 952-938-1167.