Insurance & Charges

Dr. Green is licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Doctorate level Licensed Psychologist. She is eligible to collect third party reimbursements for many insurance coverage of outpatient mental health. Life Skills Institute & Clinic is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare provider. We are also able to get reimbursed by many other insurance plans as a non-participating provider.   Please contact us to find out if your insurance is covered.

Client Bill of Rights

The Minnesota State Board of Psychology has specified the following Client Bill of Rights.

Consumers of Psychological Services offered by Psychologist licensed by the state of Minnesota has the right:

  1. To expect that a Psychologist has met minimal qualifications of training and experience required by State Law
  2. To examine public records maintained by the Board of Psychology, which contain the credentials of a Psychologist.
  3. To obtain a copy of the rules of conduct from the State Register and Public Documents Division of the Department of Administration, 117 University Avenue—St.Paul, Minnesota 55155.
  4. To report complaints to the Board of Psychology, 717 Delaware street Southeast, Room 343—Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
  5. To privacy as defined by rule and law.
  6. To be informed of the cost of professional services before receiving the service.
  7. To be free from being the object of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender of other lawful category while receiving psychological services.